Who said weight loss has to be slow?

Sure – you will need to get to love going to the gym in order to maintain long-term weight loss.
But a significant reduction in the first month gives massive motivation to many of our new gym goers.
If you want to lose up to 20lb in 28 days (AND learn to love the gym), sign up now for 12 INSANITY workouts.


12 sessions over 28 days (Monday 8pm, Wednesday 8pm and Saturday 8am)

Burn over 1,000 calories in each workout with INSANITY’S Max Interval Training.

Some people try this at home with the INSANITY fitness DVD, but we all know how much more motivating it is to train with others. And we will tailor your program to your individual fitness levels, making it enjoyable and achievable. Turn up, have fun working out and look forward to feeling significantly fitter and slimmer, within 28 days.

Your program will give you:
  • Calorie-counted meal plans that are easy to follow, nutritious and energising
  • Personal, long-lasting dietary guidelines for optimal weight loss
  • Nutrition workshop and weekly weigh-ins

The easy way to follow a motivational weight loss program, with daily goals and online support from the BACK ON TRACK team and your fellow participants. Enjoy noticeable results FAST.


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